Israel, Jews, Zionists and betrayal

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Outcome of the 2020 presidential election in the U.S. is far more chaotic than would anyone expect from a third-world country, such as Nigeria, Nicaragua or Venezuela. Allegations of vote fraud alongside using specially designed computers and vote-casting machines that can easily change votes into the tally of selected candidates are generating doubts about the future of American democracy. It is like a huge country being divided into two shades – blue and red. At this moment, President Donald Trump possibly is feeling surprised seeing how a part of the electoral system had worked against him.

Donald Trump's incredible commitment towards Israel for the last 4 years is seen in his dedicated works in favor of Israel. Donald Trump did totally ignore the popular opinion of his own country and the world, as well the warning from Barack Obama and Democrats (even some of the heavy-weight figures in the Republican Party) and shifted U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem thus recognizing the historic city as the capital of the Jewish State. Trump and his administration have efficiently brokered Israel's relationship with a number of Muslim and Middle Eastern nations. But his leaving of the presidency will leave an adverse effect on the further possibilities of Israel's relations with other Muslim nations, while Iran in particular, along with Turkey and Qatar now may exhibit arrogant diplomacy towards the Jewish State, which may risk Israel's national security and even sovereignty.

Although Donald Trump did everything within his capacity for Israel and the Jews, there is very little sign of gratitude from them for Trump. Instead, Jewish billionaire George Soros, Warren Buffet and many others, including Jewish media figures, academics, politicians, philanthropists, and individuals have either openly or silently worked against Trump. They showed no sign of respect or gratitude for this man.

Jewish billionaire George Soros, for the past 4 years, had not only opposed Trump, but did enthusiastically instigate and fund anti-Trump demonstrations and riots. Will any future leader of the U.S., seeing this, risk his political career by standing for Jews and Israel?

According to an AFP news item dated 9th January, 2014, titled "Editor jailed over aborted Israel trip 10 years ago", A Bangladeshi journalist, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury was jailed twice, for 17 months in 2003-2005 and again for 6 years from 2012-2018 for demanding diplomatic relation between Israel and Bangladesh (Bangladesh is a Muslim-majority country which not only rejects Israel's existence, but considers it as an enemy nation, thus barring its citizens from travelling to Israel). Bangladesh authorities charged him with sedition, treason and blasphemy ONLY for confronting antisemitism and Holocaust denial in the Muslim-majority nations, as well for supporting the Jewish State. He was also labeled as a Zionist spy – MOSSAD agent. During his ordeals of 6 years, in particular, except the American Jewish Committee issuing a mere statement, no reaction was seen from the Jewish world.

However, during his first imprisonment of 17 months, an ordinary Jewish-American, Dr. Richard Benkin, hearing about the persecution of the Bangladeshi journalist, stood in his favor with utmost commitment and had approached the members of the U.S. Senate and Congress, and finally succeeded in getting support from Rep. Mark Kirk (Republican, Mt Prospect, Illinois). Congressman Mark Kirk, with the active participation of Richard Benkin, had succeeded in exerting pressure on Bangladesh authorities, finally succeeding in releasing Mr. Choudhury on bail.

Richard Benkin also made personal efforts in numerous ways in normalizing relations between Israel and Bangladesh.

In 2007, the U.S. Congress passed a bi-partisan resolution in favor of Mr. Choudhury.

Unfortunately, the influential Jewish community did not pay the respect and recognition Dr. Benkin deserved. Although, for an ordinary citizen, Dr. Benkin's efforts were extraordinary.

However, if a North Korean citizen had stood for South Korea and suffered such ordeals, authorities in Seoul and the Korean community would have made every effort in creating a global outcry in favor of their friend in the North. Similarly, if an Iranian stands for the U.S. and goes through such ordeals in Iran, the U.S. authorities and Americans would have taken the matter very seriously. This is exactly every proud nation must and would do.

Now, after seeing Donald Trump's, Richard Benkin's and Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury's efforts gone unappreciated, would it not be natural for anyone sympathetic to the Jews to not risk their lives and careers for Israel or Jews? Because, from what we can infer from such examples, the Jewish elites have not learned to care about those who care for them, even after 8 decades of the Holocaust.

Jennifer Hicks is a freelance columnist

Source: Jennifer Hicks