WyRefueler ensures reliable bus refueling

WyRefueler WyRefueler

One of the goals of the HyBayern Hydrogen Days event, held in Hofolding, Bavaria, at the end of October, was to demonstrate that hydrogen vehicles are suitable for everyday use. In addition to various passenger car models, two buses with fuel cell powertrains were also presented. It was the job of Wystrach's mobile hydrogen refueling station to reliably supply the vehicles with hydrogen.

"As a bus company, we were keen to test the suitability of hydrogen technology under everyday conditions," says Martin Geldhauser, CEO of the Geldhauser Group and host of the HyBayern Hydrogen Days. Starting at the Geldhauser premises, the different bus models completed test drives on three different test routes. Geldhauser says: "It's important for us to compare fuel economy, handling, comfort, and day-to-day running before we decide which model to purchase." He adds that the availability of replacement parts also plays a role.

The WyRefueler mobile hydrogen refueling station ensured a reliable supply of hydrogen to the 350 bar test vehicles. Following on from the WyRefueler's deployment at logistics service provider Breytner in the Netherlands, the HyBayern Hydrogen Days marked another successful demonstration of how flexible Wystrach's plug & play solution truly is. CEO Wolfgang Wolter says: "We were able to set our system up on-site in Hofolding in under a day. All that the customer needed was a 63 A power connection." Designed to supply 350 bar vehicles, the refueling station can also fill 700 bar vehicles up to a target pressure of 400 bar. Having completed its assignment near Munich, the refueling station will now be transported as an ADR-approved swap body to carry out its next task.

"The refueling process was always fast and reliable, whatever the vehicle to be refueled," Geldhauser reports. And his bus company's initial conclusion from testing the buses and the refueling station? "It's clear that emissions-free bus travel is not some vision of the future, but already a reality. The hydrogen technology used here is absolutely practical."

Source: www.theheraldghana.com